Our Story

Headshot - Jina Barney of Downunder Diversions
Headshot - Moana Burgess of Downunder Diversions

Jina Barney and Moana Burgess have been quilting for over 30+ years and have both worked in the fabric and quilting industry for years. Jina has been a worldwide teacher, published in quilting books and magazines and owner of Butterfly Kisses Pattern Company. Her quilts have been around the world as she teaches her love of design and techniques that have brought her notoriety. 

Jina’s teaching techniques include machine piecing, needle turn appliqué and fabulous color combinations. You may have seen Moana at trade shows throughout the United States peddling fabric and rubbing shoulders with many of you. She is known for her organizational skills and efficiency. Their circle of friends is ever increasing as they love to meet and work with many who have the same interests.

They have a love for handiwork including knitting, crocheting, embroidery, long arm machine quilting, hand piecing, sewing for their children and grandchildren and anything related to sewing and crafting. This has been heavily influenced by their mothers and encouraged by their fathers. Both are former 4H leaders who shared their skills of creativity with girls and boys in their local neighborhoods for 15 years.

They grew up in New Zealand and Australia and immigrated to the United States as teenagers. They both ended up in Alpine, Utah, married local boys and have lived in Alpine for over 35 years. Jina is the mother of 4 children and 5 grandchildren and supported by a husband that never complains about how much fabric she has because he doesn’t know where her stashes are. Moana is the mother of 5 and grandmother of 6. She owns a dog and a cat and her husband doesn’t care to know how much she spends on fabric, as long as there is money left over for groceries to feed him.

Jina and Moana came up with the name Downunder Diversions because they are both from downunder and diversions means taking a break from life. Their goal is to give you an avenue where you can escape from your everyday life and feel fulfilled creatively, spiritually, emotionally and mentally. Downunder Diversions is a well organized adventure to different parts of the world where you can have an incredible experience that you will never forget.